On the Go? A VPN is Essential

The VPN server acts as an encrypted relay between the Internet and a computer, so no 3rd parties can what data a user transmits through the web.

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Secure Telecommuting

A VPN service will secure your employees’ Internet connection with a layer of heavy-duty encryption. This is especially relevant if you or your team work remotely or take frequent business trips and use untrusted networks. Reading your emails at a coffee shop or using your phone’s Wi-Fi to log into Facebook at an airport can potentially put you at risk, so encrypting your communications is essential.

Business Travel

If your employees go on regular overseas trips, they need to access all the same websites and services they work with usually. However, many countries restrict locally accessible Internet content in one form or another. A VPN service connects you to a server in your home country, so your IP address will look as if you are in that country, while you may actually be thousands of kilometers away.


The range of modern online crime means that your have to be cautious at every turn. A VPN service provides an extra layer of encryption for your browsing activity, financial transactions, etc. Furthermore, bear in mind that not all VPNs have the same features. Look for one that offers reliable security protocols, such as OpenVPN or IKEc2/IPsec, and has extra security options, like malware or botnet blocking.