Backup Isn’t Enough, you Need Instant Virtualization

Today’s businesses need more than just backup. A complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution designed to get your business back up and running when disruptions occur, with Instant Virualization.

We use a reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution for servers to prevent data loss and minimize downtime.


  • Continuous, Reliable Data Protection

    Our solution provides peace of mind that your data is safe and normal business operations can be restored in minutes.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Verified backups, instant virtualization, local and cloud recovery, and restore options for any scenario, all managed by professionals.

  • Ransomware Recovery

    All backups are scanned for ransomware and mounted to ensure they are ready to restore. We simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened.

  • Multiple Deployment Scenarios

    We can deploy as an appliance, virtual appliance, or software-only to protect any physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Secure Global Cloud

    We employ a secure, highly available, geo-replicated cloud infrastructure enables fast offsite disaster recovery at no additional charge.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.


Backup for Office 365 & Google Workspace
  • Recover Faster

    Whether it’s ransomware, app, end user or admin error, find what you need quickly, and restore in a few clicks—without overwriting existing data.

  • Granular Restore

    Zoom in to the critical items you need to restore or export, down to the individual file or email level. Restore to the original user or others in your organization.

  • Eliminate Ransomware Data Loss

    Easily restore user data to a time preceding an attack with 3 daily, point-in-time backups.

  • Automated, Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Never manage your own storage or worry about overage costs while maintaining granular retention options. Truly set and forget.

  • Reliable. Period.

    10+ years of cloud-to-cloud backup innovation and consistent performance ensures your data is available whenever you need it.

  • Cost Reduction

    Maintain infinite backups of ex-employees for a small backup cost, saving costly Microsoft or Google licenses. An average savings of $16 per month per user.

Why Backup for Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace?

There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in the cloud does not need to be backed up. Microsoft and Google operate on the shared responsibility model, meaning that they maintain their infrastructure but recovering your company data is your responsibility.

When data is deleted or corrupted, companies face three major problems:
Lost data, lost time, and lost cash.