What You’ll Love About Our Service

Faster Load Times

DNS load times can account for 50% of network overhead. Our IP Anycast network brings your records closer to your users, slashing resolution times and TTFB. On average, our DNS answers queries in 30 milliseconds or less.

Instant Propagation & Record Updates

Move websites and servers with ease. Our network allows for instant DNS propagation, which means you can make record changes that update all DNS  nameservers in real time.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Never worry about outages again. Our DNS service has a 14+ year uptime history and consistently ranks #1 in speed tests year over year.

Why Managed DNS from Armor Coded

You’ll benefit from the professional and timely management of your public DNS records. Rest assured your websites, email and online services are configured and secured properly.

Cost: $12/yr per domain