What is Managed DNS?

Imagine, your smartphone doesn’t have the feature to save mobile numbers. Every time a person calls you from a number, you can’t save or write it anywhere. The only option available is to Remember. Of course, you will start feeling irritated. This is quite common in humans that we can’t remember numbers easily. That’s why we save all the contacts in the phonebook of our smartphone

The same concept applies to the Internet. Every smartphone, computer, laptop, or any other device connected to the Internet has its own IP Address. An IP Adress or Internet Protocol Address is a 32-bit numeric logical address assigned to every device on the Internet. Even the websites have their own IP Address.

Whenever you type google.com in the address bar of your browser, your browser doesn’t understand what this google.com is. So, your ISP first needs to resolve the domain into its corresponding IP Address and here the concept of Domain Name Server or Domain Name System comes in.

What is Domain Name Server (DNS)?

Domain Name Servers or DNS are very similar to a phone book that contains all the public domains and their corresponding IP Addresses. DNS is an internet service that translates the domain name into IP addresses. Whenever you request for google.com or any other website, your request first goes to DNS servers. Then, the DNS server translates the domain into the corresponding IP Address and forwards the request to the website server, and finally the website loads into your browser.

Sometimes, even after so many attempts, your website doesn’t load into the browser or takes too much time to load. This is because there are a large number of websites on the Internet that updates or change daily. This is quite a tedious task to maintain and update all these records in the DNS server.

What You’ll Love About Our Service

Faster Load Times

DNS load times can account for 50% of network overhead. Our IP Anycast network brings your records closer to your users, slashing resolution times and TTFB. On average, our DNS answers queries in 30 milliseconds or less.

Instant Propagation & Record Updates

Move websites and servers with ease. Our network allows for instant DNS propagation, which means you can make record changes that update all DNS  nameservers in real time.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Never worry about outages again. Our DNS service has a 14+ year uptime history and consistently ranks #1 in speed tests year over year.

Why Managed DNS from Armor Coded

You’ll benefit from the professional and timely management of your public DNS records. Rest assured your websites, email and online services are configured and secured properly.

Cost: $20/yr per domain

What Happens When Domain Name Doesn’t Resolve into IP Address?

So, It may happen that the DNS doesn’t know the IP address of the website you want to visit. In these cases, the first-level DNS (generally maintained by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Wireless carriers) asks for IP addresses from Root-level DNS. But sometimes, Root Level DNS also fails to resolve the domain name and again transfer the request to Top Level Domain Servers (TLDs).