Email is the most successful delivery method for the costliest cyberattacks out there:
business email compromise, credential theft, ransomware — the list goes on

Phishing works by sending emails laced with ransomware, fileless malware, and other threats directly to your employees. These emails are disguised as messages from trusted individuals like a manager, coworker, or business associate to trick your employees into activating the enclosed malware or granting unauthorized access. The results include Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), credential theft, ransomware and more disastrous incidents. As these attacks grow more sophisticated, not even G-Suite or Office 365 can filter them out, but Armor Coded’s Email Security Suite can.

The Protection Against Advanced Threats that Office 365 Lacks

Advanced threats are growing at a frightening pace, and a significant number of users still open the malicious URLs and attachments they receive in illegitimate messages. At the same time, malware used in malicious URL attacks are detected by less than 10% of traditional Anti-Virus and reputation solutions, even hours after an attack. Armor Coded offers you time-of-click URL scanning, targeted phishing protection and attachment defense, meaning you can’t fall prey to the email threats that plague so many businesses today.

Advanced, Patented AI Technology

TrustGraph® analyzes over 50 different attributes of your employees’ communications, including the devices they use, who they message most, what time of day they communicate, and so on. The powerful AI uses this data to create profiles of trusted relationships. TrustGraph® then compares incoming communications to these profiles to detect and prevent sophisticated phishing, spear phishing, and business email compromise attacks.

EmployeeShield®: Evolve Your Defenses

Armor Coded employs EmployeeShield®, a feature that displays an active warning banner on suspicious company emails. The banner will tell you why the message was flagged, and give you the option of looking at it safely to make your final determination. AI will learn from your input and adjust its parameters, so it’s always getting smarter and your company is always getting more secure.


If you see an email that looks suspicious but does not have an EmployeeShield®, you can still report that message to us by forwarding that email to When you forward an email to this address, it will be immediately removed from all company inboxes and your IT team will be notified for further action.

Additional Protection

Ensure Compliance with Email Archiving Solutions

Healthcare, Legal, Financial and more organizations need to be conscientious in their choice of Email Archiving solutions for regulatory purposes, and our email archiving solutions use Microsoft 365’s Journaling feature to maintain every email in a tamper-proof, offsite, 10-year unlimited-storage archive. Email Archiving can ensure compliance, easy search and eDiscovery for many kinds of businesses, giving them the confidence to recover information, save on storage and face legal challenges as they emerge.

Stop Falling Victim to Microsoft 365 Email Outages

While the cloud is meant to be durable and flexible, outages still occur. Despite Microsoft’s resources, multiple hours-long Microsoft 365 outages affect North America, Europe and Australia every year. While these can be costly – especially to small businesses closing critical accounts – Our emergency inbox allows any M365 business to continue running through outages, without interruption.