Betterment Quick Tips

Lemons to Lemonade

Let’s try to make lemonade out of these lemons we keep getting with COVID-19.  Yes, there is an uptick in the number of cases and yes, it appears we are heading towards additional restrictions and lockdowns in various ways.  One of two things has likely happened, you started working from home and are still there; OR, you were home, but now back in the office.  If you’re part of that second set, all signs are pointing to a work from home scenario again in the near future.

So aside from the obvious restructuring of our physical space, what does that mean besides a shorter commute?  It means that you are now being given a HEADS UP that you need to prepare to work from home and to do it in a way that is cyber smart.   This isn’t dress rehearsal, this isn’t March 2020, this is several months into a situation that you should be prepared for – And with cybercrime on the rise faster than most statistics that we see in the news with regard to cases of COVID-19, you need to pay attention – and pay attention now.

Do you have a cybersecurity program in place?  Are you working with your IT provider and their teams to ensure that this transition is done with equipment that is protected, passwords that are strong, and software that doesn’t have weak links or easy points of access for cybercriminals?  Do you have an inventory of all of the assets that are now ‘out in the field’?

We know that all of this can seem overwhelming.  Our end-to-end cybersecurity offering has an all-encompassing approach that provides step-by-step assistance from security risk assessments to cyber insurance for if and when a breach occurs. 

Working from home gives all of us greater flexibility.  Use this time wisely to evaluate your business.

That’s how you make lemons out of lemonade and use this unexpected and unprecedented time wisely. Evaluate your own business and move forward in the days ahead knowing that you are ready for whatever comes your way next – and haven’t these past months proven that we never know for sure what that could be?

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