Business Continuity

Why We Use Screenshot Verification

Achieve peace of mind with frequent and automatic validation of backup integrity, immediately after completion.


How does it work?

With patented Screenshot Backup Verification, and new Advanced Screenshot Verification, ensure business has the most comprehensive backup monitoring available

Our backup solution validates more Windows and Linux backups, with greater frequency, from both virtual (agent and agent-less) and physical systems, than any other backup / DRaaS solution. Advanced Screenshot Verification adds the easiest application-level backup verification today.

Following backups, our BCDR solutions virtualize and test-boot protected servers, detecting any backup concerns using a combination of screen recognition and patented CPU register algorithms

This allows large quantities of protected servers, even across a fleet of appliances, to have backup data integrity validated at a scale traditional solutions could never match.


Maximum frequency of backup verification: Leading backup frequency (up to every 5 minutes) demands an equally capable backup verification system

Fleet-level backup monitoring: Fully integrated backup monitoring that scales to support enormous fleets, without the added complexity and cost of third party tools

Application-level backup verification: New Advanced Screenshot Verification, built upon unrivaled patented backup verification technology, provides automated application-level backup verification

Verify anything without scheduled downtime: No production outage to test backup integrity, and no additional server to validate backups

Customize what is a success: Script tests for anything to make sure the server can boot in a state that you need, no matter what programs or services installed