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How do we bill for 3CX Unified Communications?

The 3CX platform is billed in blocks of extensions, which allows the appropriate cloud resources to be provisioned. Additionally, Voice over IP services including SIP lines (phone lines) and DIDs (phone numbers) are billable. Combining those costs will determine your total cost for 3CX Unified Communications.

With our competitive pricing, you’ll most likely see a big reduction in overall costs compared to other comparable services.

3CX Professional Hosting

Includes licensing and fully managed cloud hosting

Number of ExtensionsAnnual Cost
1 to 10$520
11 to 25$910
26 to 50$1,790
51 to 70$2,370
71 to 120$3,520
121 to 160$4,670
161 to 200$5,830
201 to 300$10,220
301 to 400$11,960
401 to 600$17,625
601 to 750$22,690

Voice over IP Services

Includes unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to Canada & USA

SIP Line Channel$17/mth (2 minimum)
Toll-free DID$3/mth
e911 Service per DID$3/mth

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DID for every SIP trunk?

Not all. You can have just one DID that services all SIP lines. You can also opt to have a DID for every or some of your extensions. Or you may have several DIDs serving the SIP lines. It’s all up to you.

Do I need e911?

e911 is required for at least one DID. Additional DIDs may opt to not have e911 service, but a fee of $150 is charged each time a 911 call is placed without the e911 service. It’s best to have the e911 service on all DIDs set up with outbound calling.